Behind the Scenes: Allure

Last weekend I was a part of a local annual fashion event.  Here is what went down behind the scenes. 



Alyssa is styled & photographed by me. 

For this look I went for a velvet strapless dress and a thick diamond choker to add some edgy-ness. The gloomy weather & breeze definitely added to this look. 

Allure Fashion Weekend

This past weekend I had the pleasure of participating in my 4th local fashion show. I love fashion shows because it’s the one thing that doesn’t make me nervous or anxious. It feels like a part of me. Like it’s something that I have to do. So many people approach me and say “your so brave” or “I could never do that in front of so many people!” I guess it’s just something that comes naturally to me. I love everything about fashion shows. From  the walking and meeting designers, to fittings and hearing the designer’s inspiration for their collection, to meeting other models, and self expression on stage. I could go on forever. I wore four looks for four different collections and I love all of them. I was able to portray a certain role with each piece that I wore and I loved being able to show those different sides of myself. From a biker chick to a blushing bride, for example. Here are the looks down below and I hope you guys like them!