Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

So Halloween is in 2 days. 2 DAYS. If you don’t have your costume yet, DON’T panick. Your girl’s got ‘ya covered. Here are 3 costume ideas that are super easy and cost less than $5 ! Enjoy ūüôā xx (

How To Keep Your Closet Organized

Have you ever lost a shirt? Or you thought you put you’re jeans in your drawer but then they¬†turn up in your hamper? We’ve all been through¬†it, and the struggle is real. I’ve managed to keep my closet somewhat organized though, and¬†in this post I’m just gonna give¬†you some tips and tricks that I picked up on, that you may not have tried already.

1. Divide your closet into different sections. One for shirts, one for skirts, one for jeans, etc. Or if you don’t have a closet, do the same thing with your drawers. Put different articles of clothing in separate drawers.¬† For instance, I have a drawer for my underwear and socks. Then I have one for my bras and swimsuits. I recommend two different articles of clothing (at most) in one drawer just because if you put too much in there, then you would just end up back where you started. This will really help you know for sure where everything is, because all of the same things will be able to be found in one particular spot.

2. Get a shoe rack. You can get a shoe rack from anywhere really. Target, Wal-Mart, The Container Store, or anywhere else that sells home/storage stuff. The shoe rack will keep your shoes from being put into¬†messy pile in the middle of the floor. If you don’t have the space for a shoe rack, you can get the shoe holder things from Bed Bath and Beyond that go under your bed. Those hold about 10 pairs of shoes and it fits flat under your bed, so if someone comes over, they won’t even notice it. I have one myself, but I mostly use it for holding the shoes that aren’t in season, or the shoes that I’m not wearing at the moment.

3. Put some shelves in. Shelves are the perfect thing for taking things off of the floor and out of your way. You can put anything you want to¬†on those shelves. Whether it’s for display, or just for storage. You can put books¬†on there, display souvenirs, I don’t know, anything!

4. Get some Ziploc airtight bags! Ziploc airtight bags are THE PERFECT THING for storing winter coats, spare bed sheets, excess pillows, teddy bears, absolutely anything. When you suck the air out of them (with a vacuum) they become almost completely flat, so you can stack them on top of each other in a corner of your closet, or a shelf! ( #3)

5.¬†¬†Keep Those Belts Out Of Your Way! Do you have loose belts everywhere? Get a belt hanger from any home store near you! ( I’m sure almost every home store sells belt hangers) If you don’t know what a belt hanger is or what it looks like, its basically a hanger with holes in it. Just gather up all your belts, stick them through the little holes, and place that hanger in the back of your closet and there you go! Out of your way.


I hope you guys found these little tips helpful, because they really helped me become more organized. Don’t forget to tweet me and tell me about your new and improved closet! I’d love to hear about it ūüôā