Zandra Rhodes Exhibition

Before visiting this exhibit, I’ll admit, I didn’t know who Zandra Rhodes was. I was looking for new fashion exhibits in London because I love to see the way different designers did/do their craft. It was so interesting to see her designs and to realise that her work has probably inspired many of the lifestyle wear that’s around today (being from the Caribbean and working at a lifestyle retailer, it’s been interesting to compare her work with the lifestyle brands we sell in-store!). Below are a few photos of pieces that I found really interesting.

XO- Ally

This sunflower dress caught my eye first, because it’s my favorite flower, and second because so the cool materials and patchwork details that were used
I love how campy this dress is and the way it reflected light. I also don’t see many pieces with foil fabric, and I noticed that she used a lot of that
I loved the detail, materials and costume-like appearance of these pieces. As you can see she used the metallic/foil fabric again!

Sweet 16

I can’t believe it’s October already?? It’s scary how fast time goes.

Anyway, my birthday was on September 20th, and I turned 16! I had a huge party, and all my old and new friends were there, and I’ve been too busy to post since then! So here I am sitting on the floor of my room at 7:30 in the morning typing this intro out for you guys, haha.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from my party, enjoy!

xo- A

IMG_1982 IMG_5266 IMG_5269 IMG_5270 IMG_1990 IMG_1987 IMG_1986 IMG_1985 IMG_1984 IMG_1988 IMG_1989 IMG_1980 IMG_2500 IMG_5271 IMG_1981 IMG_1983

NY Fashion Week S/S ’16

New York fashion week just recently ended, sadly, but from it came AMAZING new lines, pieces, and outfit inspiration. Im going to be showing you guys some of my personal favorites from a few of the shows! I have so many to show you, and this is only a little part of it! Enjoy!

xo – A
These first two looks are from J.Crew and I am OBSESSED. I absolutely love the laid back feel to them. The first one, is perfect for street style especially. The high waisted denim skirt and the blue button ups compliment it so much, and the shoes add the perfect amount of color. The second outfit is beautiful. The flutter sleeves on a plain striped top is something I’ve never seen before. I also love how the little striped belt separates the stripes and the white. It’s a very classic look. The glasses and shoes are the perfect accessories.

main.original.0x933c-2                   main.original.0x933c-3

The next six outfits by Oscar De La Renta are absolutely stunning. The detail in all of them is mesmerizing! I’ll start with the first one. The red velvet-like material with the lace reminds me of a Spanish ballroom dance. The detail in it is beautiful, and the flutter sleeved cape/cover up is insane. The lace top underneath balances everything out, and I’m in love with it. The second dress is more simple, but the detail is still there. It has a very ‘romantic’ appeal if that makes sense. I can picture this being worn at a dinner on the streets of Paris. I love that it’s mesh too, because you can play around with whatever you decide to put underneath. The green dress is flawless. It has a victorian vibe to it that I’m obsessed with. The ruffles, and that forest green color unexpectedly go perfect together. The last dress is the definition of haute couture in my opinion. Art. Simple but delicate and intricate. The flower detailing is too pretty. I would defiantly purchase this dress (and all of the other dresses haha).

main.original.0x933c-4                    main.original.0x933c-5                main.original.0x933c-6                                     main.original.0x933c-9

This is a brand that I’ve never heard of, Delpozo. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. Obsessed. Everything is the definition of Spring. Fashion-wise anyway. The first look is simple but cute. The perfect everyday look. I love the bow detail on the top, and i love that the top is cropped and the skirt is high waisted. I also adore the light colors of the whole collection. Not too bold or overpowering, but still standing out. The second look has to be my favorite out this collection though. Amazing amazing amazing amazing. Do i have to say anything more? The skirt, the crop top, the flower, the colors. Everything is on point. The third look, i liked because its very different. It has a futuristic looking sweetheart neckline, which was the first thing that caught my eye. The chevron-like pattern at the bottom of the dress is really cool too, and I love the cheetah like print. A very unique piece. The fourth is way too cute. I’m a dancer, and that’s exactly what it reminded me of. The tulle skirt at the bottom, and the lace-up/bow detailing at the top had me sold. The last look is a dream. The perfect ballroom gown. The jeweled detailing all over the dress is mad. I also love the loose shoulder/chest area. The blush pink is beautiful.

main.original.0x933c-10                    main.original.0x933c-12                  main.original.0x933c-13 main.original.0x933c-14                     main.original.0x933c-16

VERA WANG KILLED IT. She murdered the runway. When i say I’d wear everything in her collection i mean it guys. The edginess, the black, the crop tops, the high waisted hot pants, the mesh, monochrome, fringe, and leather. Everything that defines my style was in this collection. I have nothing left to say. This was AMAZING. I would definitely purchase every single thing.

main.original.0x933c-17                   main.original.0x933c-18                  main.original.0x933c-19 main.original.0x933c-20                   main.original.0x933c-21

This collection by Altuzarra was strong, bold, and high street classic. It reminded me a lot of the older DNKY collection from a few years ago. The bold blues, black, whites, and golds were the highlight colors. I love the contrast in the first look. The flowy dress with that strong blazer is a perfect pair. The high slit in the skirt in the second outfit killed me. So edgy, so sophisticated but sexy I loved it. The third outfit is all black but it’s not boring. There’s actually so much going on, and I love that. The last three dresses are to die for. The beading and detail on them is crazy. Obsessed obsessed obsessed.

main.original.0x933c-22                     main.original.0x933c-23                     main.original.0x933c-24 main.original.0x933c-25                     main.original.0x933c-26                     main.original.0x933c-27

These last looks are from a brand called Theory. Iv’e never heard of this brand till recently but i am absoultely OBSESSED. I said that for every collection, I know, but this is literally perfect. It’s classy. Minimalistic. I also see inspirations from menswear in some of the pieces (like the second one) and I’ve really been getting into that look lately. The first piece is really unique. Thats what drew me to it. The intense sleeves with the lacing in the front. It’s also a t-shirt dress style which I really like. The third ones are just plain classic pieces, with the tailored pants and the peasant top, and the long vest with the high-low skirt and sandals. The last two looks are the most beautiful color. Very light, and perfect for that winter to spring transition.

main.original.0x933c                     main.original.0x1000c-2                     main.original.0x1000c-3 main.original.0x1000c-4                     main.original.0x1000c-5