The Perfect Summer Accessories (under $25)

Summer is all about taking a simple and comfortable outfit and making it as cute and as eye-catching as possible. I was thinking of the accessories that I use to spice up my more casual looks and came up with this short list for you guys. I also went hunting on my favorite online stores for affordable accessories that are just as cute as expensive ones and are summer staples. Don’t forget to click the underlined link to shop the pieces!

XO- Ally


Asos: $15.79                                  Forever 21: $5.90                        Asos: $9.47


Asos: $15.79                                   Asos: $25.27                               Boohoo: $16



Asos: $17.35                                   Asos: $18.95                                Forever 21: $6.90

Beach Bags

Asos: $18.95                                   Boohoo: $20                                       Boohoo: $24



Holiday Dresses Under $50

Hey guys, it’s Alyssa. First of all, I wanted to apologize for going kinda MIA. I was in NYC having the time of my life. But back to what I was going to say, I’m starting the holiday-themed posts! Today I’m showing you guys a few holiday dresses that are UNDER $50 and are super cute. some of the stores are having sales right now so i definitely suggest you get on that. Thanks so much for reading, and I’ll talk to you in my next post!

XO- Ally


Asos – $40


Zara – $19.90


Asos – $45


Zara – $49.90


Dollskill – $28


Dollskill – $25


Topshop – $50