One of my favorite songs at the moment is a song called Drive, by Gemineyes. Earlier this month I drove up to a district on my island called East End with my parents. I love drives because I’m never the one actually driving. And that means that I can stare out the window while listening to the radio, thinking up scenarios that I know will never happen, and plotting out what I’ll say in conversations that I’ll never have. It lets me be wrapped into my thoughts and although my thoughts scare me there also my best friends.

So here are two pictures that I took on the drive and I’ll just let you make of them what you will.

xo – Alyssa

How To Find Your Style

It’s been a long time coming for me, but I think I’ve finally found what styles suit me. My closet is always filled with clothes that I love at the moment but I will later get sick of. It’s frustrating because not only do you want staple pieces that will actually last, but you want to save money! It costs a lot to refill your closet with new pieces monthly believe it or not, and being a fifteen year old without a job, I know this sad feeling all to well.  So I’m here to help you with that.

I’ve come to realize that you actually do need to try different styles. When you get sick of a particular style quickly, that simply means that it was not for you. As you continue to buy pieces, you’ll eventually notice what stays. Whatever stays, is what your style is.

Your style doesn’t have to be limited to one specific genre. It could be like mine, and end up all over the place. If I was to describe my style, it would be dark bohemian, meets 90s grunge, meets high street minimalistic. You just need to play around with it.

Aug. 11. 2015 

Recently, I’ve been caught up in a person who had absolutely no interest in me. No, I haven’t forgotten about myself, but yes I’m at this person’s beck and call, and this has caused me to be taken advantage of. As irritating as it is, I don’t regret anything that I said or did, because it has taught me a valuable lesson. I also tend to keep myself busy in order to forget about it. That hasn’t been a bad thing. I go out with friends during the day, make new memories, and live. Living is something I enjoy doing but it’s rare. So when I live I treasure it. ( And no I don’t mean living as in breathing, I mean it as in getting the most value out of life; exploring, adventure, and screaming rap lyrics at the top of my lungs in a small suv with friends.) Here are some photos from today’s adventure. Hope you like them.  
Xoxo – A
Bathing suit: 

Top- PINK , Bottom- Target



Hey Guys! Long time no see.

So I was thinking about completely abandoning this blog, but I did some more thinking and realized that I wanted to keep it alive. Instead of a fashion blog, I’m turning this into kind of a diary, if you’d call it that. Rather than just outfits, I’ll be posting what I think about certain trends, tips and tricks, rants, product reviews, thoughts on celebrity outfits, day to day realizations & struggles, and things like that. I want to do whatever I want with this blog, to make it more personal. I’ll be keeping you all up to date with what I do on a day to day basis. I honestly just want to see where I can go with this blog! So yea. IM BACK. And I can’t wait to post more on here.

xoxo -A

Life’s a Beach

Hi there! It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. I’ve been so busy with school, youtube, and other projects that I’ve been working. I won’t get too into the details, because I plan to do an update post where I tell you about everything I’ve been doing. Till then, here is my lastest youtube video, that I posted yesterday. Go subscribe and give it a thumbs up if you liked the video. Thanks guys, all the love. x


Hey guys! Long time no talk. I’ve been so busy with school and YouTube that I had absolutely no time to stop and take pictures of anything I’ve worn lately, which is a shame because I wore the cutest things! Anyway, I’m going to try my best to post on here, because I really enjoy doing this blog.

So today I went house hunting with my uncle and their house is right across from a peaceful little beach that I’ve never been to before. It had this cove that I absolutely fell in love with. The reef broke the waves, so there were these silent ripples throughout the water. I took a few pictures of the scenery, some featuring my outfit of the day. Enjoy x – Alyssa

DSC_2864 DSC_2865 DSC_2866 DSC_2868 DSC_2872 DSC_2873 DSC_2874 DSC_2875 DSC_2876 DSC_2877 DSC_2878 DSC_2881 DSC_2883 DSC_2884 DSC_2886 DSC_2895 DSC_2900 DSC_2896

Jersey la Flora

Hiiii Guys,

Today was a super casual day, so I went for a look that I wanted to try for a while now, because fashion is all about risks right? That look consisted of a jersey tee for a more sporty look and then I added some floral shorts to add a more girly look and my favorite nude flats because they go with EVERTHING.

Top: Aeropostale | Shorts: Charlotte Russe | Flats: Lower East Side | Sunnies: Ray Ban | Ring: Claire’s

DSC_2266         DSC_2272DSC_2271 DSC_2275          DSC_2268

Queen Of Hearts.

Here’s my Halloween costume!! It was a bit baggy at the sides, but I was the queen of hearts in case you couldn’t tell 😉  My friends and I went to a haunted house and these creepy people jumped out from these dark corners and followed us, chased us, and this one freak grabbed my shoulder and pulled me backward. But it was $10 to enter and I got my moneys worth because I got scared the crap out of and came out breathless haha. Hope you guys had a good Halloween! Comment down below what you were (if you were anything) I’d love to know 🙂 xo

DSC_2247       DSC_2250

DSC_2252      DSC_2254

Paradise Child

So I’m out of school, and yesterday my family and I decided to go to the Marriott Beach Resort for breakfast. I took a few pictures of the view I had and the little things I did and saw. Hope you all like the photos! If you liked these photos and want to see more, go follow my Instagram ( go to the menu section at the top of my blog and click ‘Instagram’) ! I post daily on there, and it has some stuff that I may post later that day so go check it out!

p.s. I live on an island in the Caribbean if you were wondering 🙂 xo

DSC_2181    DSC_2182 DSC_2183    DSC_2184 DSC_2185    DSC_2189 DSC_2190    DSC_2173 DSC_2179    DSC_2197

Feel Good Inc. – Gorillaz

Do you know what day it is????  IT’S THROWBACK THURSDAY!!!! Which means that an old song is completely appropriate. I think I’m going to do these throwbacks every Thursday because I think it’ll be fun. This was one of my favorite songs as a kid so I thought I’d share it! ( I think it was the evil laugh at the beginning that made me love it so much lol)