How To Find Your Style

It’s been a long time coming for me, but I think I’ve finally found what styles suit me. My closet is always filled with clothes that I love at the moment but I will later get sick of. It’s frustrating because not only do you want staple pieces that will actually last, but you want to save money! It costs a lot to refill your closet with new pieces monthly believe it or not, and being a fifteen year old without a job, I know this sad feeling all to well.  So I’m here to help you with that.

I’ve come to realize that you actually do need to try different styles. When you get sick of a particular style quickly, that simply means that it was not for you. As you continue to buy pieces, you’ll eventually notice what stays. Whatever stays, is what your style is.

Your style doesn’t have to be limited to one specific genre. It could be like mine, and end up all over the place. If I was to describe my style, it would be dark bohemian, meets 90s grunge, meets high street minimalistic. You just need to play around with it.